Monarch Butterfly

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Art Print Title: Monarch Butterfly

This is a limited edition archival print of my original Monarch Butterfly Painting.

Our Monarch Butterflies are in Grave Danger

Scientists have now added the insect to the international endangered list.

Here are 5 ways you can help our beloved Monarch Butterflies

1. Plant Native Milkweed: Milkweed is the only food source for monarch caterpillars. By planting it in your garden, you’ll provide home for them to rebuild

2.Plant Nectar Gardens Adult monarchs feed on flower nectar and Other native blooming wildflowers, , trees and shrubs will provide an excellent food source for our monarchs

3. Don’t Use Pesticides –Commit to using pesticide-free organic gardening techniques at home.

4. Join the Fight to Stop Climate Change: The Monarch butterfly migration is spurred by seasonal temperature changes so changes in the weather cycle would confuse the butterfly and disrupt the entire flight cycle. 

5. Join a community group like Monarch Watch. We can all do something to help this iconic butterfly whether its individual actions in your own garden, or working within your community, or with other partners and friends we all want to keep these beautiful Monarchs in our future.

A wonderful piece of art for a bedroom, office or bathroom. Would look amazing on its own or on a gallery wall.

Only available for a limited time.