Introducing the 2022 Print Collection

Introducing the 2022 Print Collection

Every year, I am inspired by new things. 

While I always find nature to be the source of daily inspiration and admiration, somethings stand out to me more on some days than others. 

This winter I was hunkered down in my studio and home by the fire with my paint brush and palette and I found lots of joy and inspiration in the creative process.

There was a lot of moons and stars as I have written in previous posts – learning about my celestial being and meaning behind my own personal astrology brough lots of clarity in my direction.

Of course writing and releasing my book on the 9 Magical Butterflies.

The Tiger became my spirit animal.

Why? Because tigers stand for strength, power and courage.

I needed all these things. So I have been making it my message to stand in my truth, No shame, no blame, no more fear. Just integrity and acceptance for who I am, exactly as I am.

I found solace in the universe and continued to follow my heart and bring my head.

I continued my journey of healing and therapy. I found peace and comfort in the healing cannabis plant and its magical powers.

I went on a journey into the meta physical with Nu Bohème creating an illustrative light in my soul.

I let my inner goddess out from inside and painted my favourite fruit.

I decided to make focus and goals a priority and still lead with my heart and my paint brush. 

It has a been a beautiful journey. And these are the prints the collection that is 2022.

There is no telling how long this art will stay. They will be here until the next collection is birthed, for now I hope you enjoy the stories of each one. 


All the flowers of all the tomorrows are in the seeds of today. – Unknown

Inspired by the powerful healing powers of plant medicine and cannabis, leaves interlace with budding roses and sweet chamomile blossoms in a romantic palette of créme and green with a blush kiss to represent the heart opening and letting the beautiful buds of possibility bloom in this ornate floral design.

Chanel a retro vintage vibe that pays homage to the free spirit of the hippy goddess and her power to spread love and calming peace with her divine healing aura. As the female cannabis flower is the most potent and fertile, this design celebrates the power of the feminine. Be inspired to settle into your own power: Take time to weed the garden, tend to patience, and smell the roses. Good things grow in the garden of love and healing light!


As the truth seeker, the storyteller, the healer of your own heart, and the light of your own universe, Nu Bohème is derived from the discovery of life through dreams and the believer in ethereal magic powered by the moonlight.

This print celebrates self-discovery and self-love through deeper connection. It represents the ability to let go of the darkness through the magic of meditation, manifestation, and open mindedness to the metaphysical. Let this magical tapestry guide you in the exploration of your own magic; to believe in yourself and follow your heart.

Inspired by starlight to light our way through the dark, Starburst is a reminder to have faith in yourself: To follow the light that inspires you, to trust your intuition, and to know that you are never truly lost. Life is a journey of discovery.

Like the geometric intricacies of pattern, when transformed through watercolor the mathematical lines blur and evolve in soft and warm desert tones to remind us that while we follow our path, it’s okay to not walk a straight line. Our inner light will always guide us to our truth, bringing us clarity, meaning and direction.


Dedicated to my Mama, Cancer Survivor.

Representative of rebirth and new beginnings, Daffodils are the first blooms to welcome Spring, a new season of hope, light and love. Their bright, sunny yellow hue inspires joy and happiness for a ripple effect to all those who encounter it. This Daffodil design was created to symbolize the spirit of hope and to focus on healing and standing tall in the face of fear.

The Daffodil is also the symbol of the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS). The CCS is a community-based, national organization of dedicated volunteers who have adopted the daffodil as a symbol of hope in the fight against cancers of all kinds

The Strawberry represents decadent love and the sweetness of life. Dating back to Ancient Rome, this delicious little red fruit was symbolic of Venus, the goddess of love. Used as offerings at her temple, Strawberries were believed to encourage love.

So what is sweeter than a Strawberry? Like a beautiful memory of summer love, chasing butterfly dreams, and endless possibility. Channel this reminder with the Strawberry print that you are sweet, beautiful, and endlessly ripening to your full potential. Because you are a goddess. 

I followed my heart, and it led me to the beach.

Go to where the sea touches the sky and breathe it all in! This dreamy landscape of the beautiful beaches of the Abaco Islands in the Bahamas is a reminder to slow down, take it easy, and do what makes your soul happy.

Swim in the sea, let the water cleanse your skin. Walk on the beach, feel the soft sand between your toes. Breathe in the sky, exhale the clouds, and let the fresh air clear your mind.

You are part of the miracle of nature: Beautiful, mysterious, wild and free.



The Tigers comes in 2 colour variations. This print symbolizes the captivating creature you are. Every brushstroke is infused with inner strength and the belief that you have the power to step into your light, trust your natural mark, and go forth with courage to overcome obstacles with grace. The Tiger print challenges you to feed your appetite for life without judgment or fear.

Ignore the noise, my Tiger queen. Do not hide in the shadows. Embrace your primal magic. It’s your time to ROAR.