The Moon is my guiding Star

The Moon is my guiding Star

To all you enchanting moon goddesses out there,

As Scorpio Season fast approaches us with its presence, I've got an electrifying question to throw your way...

Do you harness the mystical might of the moon? I know I do! The moon, a celestial marvel, isn't just a pretty sight in our night sky; it wields immense power.

Around five years ago, I embarked on a journey of personal growth, immersing myself in a myriad of content from diverse fields to enhance my existence. Self-help books, podcasts on productivity, articles about successful people, and the pursuit of high-performance and consistency—all invaluable in their own right. But you know what? The most potent tool I discovered was the moon.

Sounds incredible, doesn't it?

The moon is my guiding star.

I've delved deep into understanding myself as a human being and made the moon a constant companion in my journey of self-reflection.

Every 30 days, we're graced with a new moon, a time for fresh beginnings, for setting new goals and contemplating our aspirations. And then, two weeks later, the full moon takes center stage—a moment when the moon reveals its dark side and we can cleanse ourselves of any lingering negativity.

Many find the ritual of inscribing something they wish to shed, then setting it ablaze during a full moon, incredibly rejuvenating. I picked up this gem of a practice from the amazing @tarot.lori. Follow her to discover the joys of full moon "burn your shit" parties during her Instagram lives.

The moon encourages self-focus, relaxation, and the art of letting go, ultimately leading us to discover inner peace. Its energy is the key to crafting a life that truly delights you.

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