Introducing Aries: The Warrior Goddess

Introducing Aries: The Warrior Goddess

Welcome to my newest painted world: Astrology

My healing journey started three years ago, around the time I made Art of Marina my full-time business, and even though I have only just begun my journey into Astrology, what I’ve discovered has covered my future path with gold dust. 

I am a Pisces to the T, it’s crazy. My moon, however, is in Capricorn—which has answered oh so many mysteries, but more on that later—and my voyage is the continuous search for my own answers, so I also feel connected to my rising sign in Sagittarius.


This is what I love about Astrology: How it helps me understand myself and the people I love in a nurturing  way. I have learned to understand my gifts, to look beyond myself, and how I can help others with my gifts. It's the way of Astrology. When you know, you know.

It began with Moonstone Creative…

I hired them to work with me on my brand and they set me up with Megan Field for an astrological date selection for launch. I was totally into it. And I loved Megan so much that I wanted to continue learning about how to live aligned with the stars....

The artist in me felt called to learn more, beyond the readings and the thoughts as words written on a page. My compass led me to my paint brush yet again, to illustrate my own Zodiac Collection in the form of Moon Goddesses. 

I reached out to Megan for some private Astrology lessons and soaked up all her goodness. She taught me all about the beautiful connection between each sign and their own personal hero’s journey, and how astrology is based on the seasons of the year. They are part of the calendar and therefore their timing is so important. That alone is poetry. I wanted to know more and more. Thank you, Megan.

As mentioned in my previous post here a little more on my astrology influences and where I have found all this goodness.

Tucked away in the snowy Okanagan this past January, I learned about each sign and just painted… I also made the decision to launch each of my Zodiac Goddesses on the day of their birth in the Astrological Calendar. One at a time, giving this art and story the light that it deserves. The timing couldn’t feel more aligned and today, the beginning of the new astrological calendar, I am ready to share. I am not an Aries, but I am using the strength of Aries to be brave enough and share this vulnerable new part of my artistic journey.

When Spring arrives, just take a second and imagine what happens in your world, in your own atmosphere and in your own heart. Feel the sun on your skin, the rain. Take a minute to envision how the sun has come to warm the earth, the frost has melted, the flowers are sprouting and soon to bloom. And the light takes over the dark. You are reborn and renewed, just like the season.

This is Aries. The symbol looks like a seedling, sprouting. Representing strength and fertility. The beautiful dandelion seedling where two leaves come up and spout the first flower blooms. This flower is extremely resilient – bright as the sun.


Beautiful Aries. She shows up like a sparkly ring of fire on a mission, blazing a path for us all.  Aries begins in the light part of the year, as the leader. The warrior of light. She is the first sign of the Zodiac and is a fire sign so she has the very first spark and flame of idea and innovation, ruled by Mars. It is her duty to make her ideas come to fruition. A part of her journey is embarking on that mission of self-discovery with clarity and focus.

Ruled by Mars.

Aries is the natural born leader of the pack. As a planet of sex, drive, determination and energy, Mars gives her the courage to be a warrior in life. It has active and impulsive energy, which fuels   

So now that Aries has arrived, it is time for her to go on her mission, ready to make some moves for the year ahead. That innocence of newness and that joy of readiness; the optimism inherent in knowing the long winter is finally over, her transformation during that time now clear and visible to all. She knows who she is and where she is going, and she is not afraid to go alone.  She has a deep sense of courage to strengthen her ambition and use her own bravery to go forth and achieve her goals and assert herself in this word that she envisions. Her ideas are her superpower!


This strong Aries has the most determination, she meets life head-on with the symbol of the charging Ram. 

She resonates with the world of destiny and not fate because she desires the control to create her own destiny. Rather than feed into her insecurities, dark thoughts, question her self worth, doubt her uniqueness, sabotage her deservance, she has the power to end those lies and step into the light.

She proclaims:

I have arrived. I am  worthy, I will go forth and conquer any fears stepping in the way of my light.

 Aries can also be misunderstood as selfish. Instead Aries is more self-centered. But why wouldn’t we want to be self-centered? Why wouldn’t we want to have a sense of self and put ourselves first so we can then lead, help, suppoort and guide others?


That is where the Aries magic happens. She knows her strength and trusts in her journey. She is also aware that she is a magnet for stress and crisis, so should be careful of not falling onto the wrong path or being misled by the wrong authority. For her ram’s horns can break barriers and steer her through any roadblocks to be a legendary leader and protector of the masses. 


This is my Warrior Goddess of Aries.


Sun Exalted and Ruled by Mars. With her bright flames blazing, she is a beautiful leader, strong, stoic and brave. She glows in solidarity. She is a bright light for us all.

I planted my own seed into the garden of Astrology and watched the seedlings sprout. How Aries!!! My collection was soon born. I felt a natural surge of inspiration at the cohesion of the sign and this exact journey that I was going on personally. I will channel  Aries energy to not give up on my own personal vision, I will continue on this journey and persevere.

Aries will be available for a limited time as an original painting, a digital art print, and as my very first NFT coming soon. I hope you find your own Aries magic!


Aries Affirmation

Repeat this affirmation when you need Arian strength to go forth, leaving all doubts and negativity behind, so that you can shine bright and conquer all your fears.