Who are we?


Art of Marina marries art and fashion, breathing magic into the world.

Founded in 2018, Art of Marina is the creative child of award-winning fashion designer and watercolour artist, Marina Billinghurst. Our small run frame-able prints, paper products, and fashion lines are only the beginning of our mission to inspire beauty, positivity, and connection across land and sea. It is our artistic connection to nature and women and our commitment to ethical and sustainable practices in the fashion industry that make Art of Marina a brand of purely good vibes and healing intentions.


Art of Marina is an art and fashion brand where whimsy and luxury come together to inspire beauty and bring forth healing for women and the planet.


Our Why.


Art of Marina is inspired by the world around us—nature, culture, and the magic within shared experiences. We bring beauty into everyday life by creating luxury products of the utmost craftsmanship. We’re guided by our passion for art, fashion, and sustainability to create a butterfly effect of positive change around the world.


Our product line the goddess within by transforming the wonder of nature, life, and beauty into luxury, ethically-sourced silk garments.