The Butterfly Closet Consignment

Thank you for your interest in the Butterfly Closet Consignment.


Consignment is accepted selectively throughout the year based on space and demand.
Winter/ Spring/ Summer and Fall.

 We are currently accepting Winter wear: Warm coats, sweaters, warm clothes and layering pieces. Accessories such as Designer Hand bags, hats and touques.


Please note the following:


  1. Clothing brought in for consignment will only be accepted in an orderly and flat pile (a laundry basket or bin is great for this). We will not accept unfolded consignment in plastic garbage bags. Please be selective and limit your consignment to what would fit in one bin per visit. Our shop is very small.


  1. No appointment necessary simply drop by with your items during regular business hours to register and/or provide your account information and wait while we sort your items.
  2. Clothing for consignment should be currently in style, all women sizes are accepted but apparel must be in EXCELLENT “new or nearly new” condition. Please note that only items free of stains, holes, rips, pet hair or other obvious signs of wear (including significant “wash wear” will be considered.

WE DO NOT ACCEPT: Value Brands: Walmart/ Joe fresh/ Target.


  1. Clothing is accepted on a first come, first served basis at our discretion Ann must be currently in season.
  2. All prices are determined by the new retail price condition and sale ability of the item consigners will receive 40% of the selling price upon sale. payment of sold items will be in the form of store credit or check.
  3. Consigned items will typically be displayed for approximately 2-3 months.  We reserve the right to adjust prices for sales and other promotions, or to remove items from the floor at any time. Unsold items will be donated to one of the charities we support.

  4. Shoes will only be considered if they are brand new and never worn.

For any questions please email us at: or call 604-202-4663


Thank you!