2024 Motivational Calendar

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2024 Motivational and Inspirational Wall Calendar

Step into the year 2024 with positivity, purpose, and the empowering presence of handwritten, dreamy and empowering quotes all handwritten by Marina. This Motivational and Inspirational Wall calendar is not just a tool for marking dates; it's a daily affirmation of your incredible capabilities, designed especially for the amazing moms, entrepreneurs, students- pretty much anyone who deserve a constant reminder of their greatness, with a special focus on women who inspire us every day by going after their dreams no matter how hard life can be.

Key Features:

  1. Bold and Beautiful Design: Our calendar boasts a large and bold 12”x18” design that catches your eye and adds a touch of motivation to any room. Each month is a vibrant celebration of individuality and strength.
  2. 13 Pages of Premium Quality: These padded calendars have 13 pages of cardstock: 12 for the monthly calendar and 1 for the cover. Each month is printed in Vancouver on beautiful 14pt cardstock padded with 100% recycled kraft chipboard, ensuring durability and sustainability.
  3. Frameable Art Prints: Elevate your space with monthly art prints. Instead of folding over the next page as you would on a traditional stitched calendar, simply tear away the old month and say hello to the next month ahead. Each month becomes a frameable art print, transforming your calendar into a year-long gallery of inspiration.
  4. Monthly Affirmations: Every page is dedicated to uplifting messages, inspiring quotes, and affirmations tailored to remind you of your unique brilliance. Each quote can be easily cut to 8x10 for hassle-free framing, allowing you to create a personalized gallery of motivation.
  5. Passion and Organization: Combine the power of passion and organization. With dedicated spaces for notes and goals, this calendar encourages you to jot down your aspirations, making it a tangible roadmap to success.
  6. Anything Is Possible: Flip through the months, and you'll find the recurring theme that anything is possible. The calendar serves as a constant companion, reminding you that with determination, dedication, and a touch of organization, there's no limit to what you can achieve.
  7. Cheerleader in Print: Consider this calendar your personal cheerleader. Every time you glance at it, remember that you are capable, strong, and deserving of success. Let the positive energy of each page propel you forward.

Make Magic Happen in 2024:

Start the year right by surrounding yourself with a calendar of encouragement, motivation and inspiration. This calendar is more than just a date tracker; it's a daily dose of encouragement to fuel your journey through 2024. You can do this, and we're cheering you on every step of the way! Get ready to conquer the year ahead with the 2024 Motivational and Inspirational Wall Calendar.

Order now and embrace a year filled with positivity, purpose, and personal triumphs!

Designed and Printed in Canada. While quantities last.