Les Tigres Duster

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This watercolour Tiger comes in 2 Colourways! This beautiful print symbolizes the captivating creature you are. Every brushstroke is infused with inner strength and the belief that you have the power to step into your light, trust your natural mark, and go forth with courage to overcome obstacles with grace. The Tiger print challenges you to feed your appetite for life without judgment or fear.

Ignore the noise, my Tiger queen. Do not hide in the shadows. Embrace your primal magic. It’s your time to ROAR.

*Available in two lengths, for a very limited time.
-KIKI: The full-length duster (Long)

-KANDI: The mid-length duster (Short)

Feel LUX in 100% Mulberry Silk
Hit the BEACH in 100% butter-soft Rayon-Poplin.
*We have upgraded the strength and durability of our fabric

* Designed with love in Canada 
* For Care Instructions, please see our FAQ page.
* Matching Belt included

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