Les Tigres

Les Tigres

 Introducing: Les Tigres. 

This watercolour tiger print symbolizes the captivating creature you are.

Read that again: You are a captivating creature.

Believe it, see it in the mirror, feel it in every brushstroke of the Les Tigres print that is infused with inner strength, giving you the power to step into your light, trust your natural mark, and go forth with courage to overcome obstacles with grace. Painted as a reminder, the Tigres print challenges you to feed your appetite for life without judgment or fear.

Because we all succumb to those darker instincts of fear once in a while: Worry what others are thinking. Fear the outcome to something we have no control over. It can feel like a dark place. But did you know that tigers prefer to hunt in the dark? It’s their time to put skill to the test and shine.

Because the truth is, we need the darkness to appreciate the light. We only have control over our own actions, so make each and every move count, just like a tigress on the prowl, and be your best effort yet. There’s a difference between feeling fear and giving into it: It’s not your job to dim your own light for others, but rather spread enough of it for others to walk into. Share your tigress energy with those around you, and you might just be surprised!

Let go of the outcome.

Let go of what you cannot control.

Ignore the noise, my Tigress Queen.

Do not hide in the shadows.

Embrace your primal magic.

It is your time to R O A R!



As this deep and dramatic year of 2022 comes to a close, I celebrate the Tiger, as it just so happens that this was the year of the Water Tiger in the Chinese Zodiac; something that only happens every 60 years!

I studied the nature of this courageous and magnificent creature, and created this drippy watercolour print as a reminder to be brave, to be fearless, and to let my own heart be wild…

I was so inspired to learn the symbolism of the Water Tiger. To feel the power of the tiger in my own work at such a perfect time. So this print in its abstract nature was designed with the intention to be more present, and to trust my true and natural instincts. To have the courage, strength and confidence to always be honest, vulnerable and authentic. To trust in myself.

I owe the tiger very much gratitude for the inspiration and for powerful lessons!




This Limited Edition print will always be my courage cape, when I put on my magical Les Tigres duster I feel empowered, beautiful, strong and wild.

And I hope that you do, too.


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Hope you have a magical day, sending love and light!