The Sea, the Stars, the Sun + the Moon.

The Sea, the Stars, the Sun + the Moon.

I have always been so curious about the stars; the moon, the sun and the galaxy illuminating the sky above us.

When I was young and learned that I was born with my sun in Pisces, it made sense immediately.  Marina, the over emotional, creative, watery, dreamer. I was a fish, swimming all over the place in opposite directions, trying to understand who I really was. I already felt a deep connection to the ocean and water, so I swam far away and went to places in my mind where I found deep comfort in creativity. This allowed for expression and release. When I wrote my biography/paint therapy book The 9 Magical Butterflies, it became crystal clear that I’d always used art to deal with my emotions then, and I do it ceremoniously today.

My name is Marina, which literally means “Of the Sea”. So, putting all these watery details together, I just felt called. I knew this wasn’t a coincidence. The surge of curiosity…. I wanted more.

As I got older, I had my birth chart read. Then I had it read again after a life changing incident. It was at that point that I took a very big interest in spirituality and the metaphysical. I was open to the possibilities and it was then that my actual birth chart brought me so much clarity. You can find out so much about who you are from the minute you are born. You can find truth and solutions to your gifts and challenges. 

I feel like the stars are there for whoever wants to stop, look closer and actually see them, and understand them. Once I learned about the truth behind the challenges and gifts in my chart, and how real and present they are in my actual everyday life, I was sold.

I’m still learning. Every day with every cloud, every storm, and every ray of sunshine. Every moon cycle and rebirth. I have been learning about the possibilities, about the energies of the planets, about Mercury and Saturn, and Jupiter and Venus…and I have been falling in love with the stars even more than I ever thought possible.

So, this year, the first thing I did was turn to my paint brush and started painting the sun, moon and the stars. It brought me back to being a child and having a really clear memory of painting the sun in the first grade, I even wrote a poem beside her:

I am the sun 

I shine in the sky 

I love when I shine my brightest

because my light warms the world,

and everyone feels happy.

I remember bringing that sun home and showing my mom and I remember the look on her face. It was the first time I felt the warmth of art. That moment when your art made somebody happy.

I wanted to be an artist then, and I am one today. It is so important to dream. It is important to feel.It is very important to radiate emotion in your heart and in your soul and to absorb the feelings you feel because they will bring you clarity and peace if you are open to the possibilities of the universe

Don’t hold it in.

The sun is meant to shine, and the moon is meant to glow.

And we were meant to be, and to become.

Life is pure magic.

Recently I took this journey one step further and studied the zodiac. Due to my deep connection to my sun sign, I learned that I possess the exact traits of my moon and rising sign as well. So, I dug deeper. I connected with a beautiful astrologist and she taught me each sign as a character. Each sign on a hero’s journey to find their brightest strengths. My sister introduced me to Chani Nicholas and the magical Chani App, and I took some workshops from Heidi Rose Robbins. These women have changed my life and I have only just started my journey with the magic of astrology and whoa is it ever powerful.

As March 20th marks the beginning of the zodiac with Aries, I will be sharing the story of each of the 12 zodiac signs as they approach and their season begins. This has been one of the most beautiful artistic journeys I have been on, and I cannot wait to share with you all that I have learned, and reveal the new style of art it’s called me to create in the process! 

We are always growing and evolving, and my decision to let go of my past works created space for the most beautiful change.

Follow your light, and you will shine bright.

So, without further ado, this is my brand-new 2022 Stardust Collection - The duster, scarf and apparel is coming soon. I hope it calls you to some place magical within yourself to discover and grow, too.