The Sky's The Limit - Notecard

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Gorgeous Framable 5x7 art print and notecard printed on thick card stock paper

Based of the Original "Stardust" painting by Marina Billinghurst

Gold foil handwritten words: "Stay WildThe Sky's the Limit"

Inspired by the stars, the moon, and the sun that make up the sky which illuminates all. The Stardust Collection inspires us to understand the power of our own light, sparkling like a star in the solar system and to appreciate the unique magic we each bring to the world.

It started with my desire to learn about the galaxy beyond our beautiful Planet Earth. Once I’d painted the 9 Magical Butterflies and gone through that transformation stage myself, I wanted to dig a little deeper. And to go deeper, I had to go beyond into the metaphysical. I went on a journey of discovery, researching all I could about the lunar cycle and how it affects us all, especially women, as well as the Tarot. Guided by the magic of the curious inner child, I discovered the wise and grounded goddess within. I learned how we need both, and when we listen to both, we find a place of inner balance.

Blank inside, comes with envelope.

Or Ready to frame.