We don’t just wake up one day and become a butterfly. It’s a slow process with so many unseen difficulties until one day, we’ve woken up miles from where we started, completely transformed into what we were meant to be.

Art of Marina has been both transformative in my life, as well as continually transforming itself as I dive into the nuances of slow fashion. My mission is to create sustainable beauty from the moment brush hits paper and then transforms into wearable art. More nuclear, my family is going through a metamorphosis of its own as we welcome our baby girl into the world this summer.

So, to celebrate, I’m throwing a Metamorphosis Sale starting June 21st! The date marks Summer Solstice, one of the most energetically beautiful and meaningful times of year as significant changes begin. Summer starts while the days grow shorter again. I’ll be launching something new—stay tuned in July!—while also nesting with my growing family.


Love the current Art of Marina collection? Get it at 40% OFF, while supplies last… All of our current kimonos made of modal, rayon, and poplin blends, will be going going gone to create space for everything
I’m working on for 2024 with our relaunch!

Please note: Stock is limited. If you love it, catch it before it flies away forever! I can’t guarantee all prints will be back.


As I approach my 5th year of business and reflect how far I’ve come, it’s with boundless gratitude. Thank you for your continued support and I hope you all don’t just fly, but soar!

XO Marina

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